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29 March 2024 Easter Wellness Workshop

Clearing the Throat Chakra with Kundalini Yoga and Crystalline Sound.

A powerful 2.5 Hour Experience at De Kloof Heritage Estate on Good Friday 29th March 2024
9.30am to 12 noon

Throat chakra blockages are very common. They result from experiences in our past where we were not allowed to express our true Sat Nam. Being told to ‘keep quiet’, ‘don’t cry’, ‘behave properly’ etc etc.

These patterns permeate into our present … and they choke us. From choking back our gifts to choking back our emotions to choking back our ideas out of fear of what others may say, feel, or do.

This needs to stop. Let the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga practice help you release this blockage.

We can't let the this deeply engrained blockage continue to hold us hostage from expressing our light and being true to ourself any longer.

 Until we draw a line in the sand, choose to be cycle breakers and do the deep healing required to release these imprints, we won't be able to shine and show up with full wattage and radiance.

What to expect : A specially selected Yoga Kriya, Meditation and Sound Journey with pure crystal sound bowls and healing Quartzaphone.

Limited spaces . R395 per person

Facilitated by Susan Rossetto from Savriti Wellness 

contact us via info@dekloof.co.za to book your space or call T 028 5141303