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Susan Rossetto

Savitri Jiwan Kaur (Susan Rossetto) is an experienced certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher who specialiszs in using sound and sacred mantra to promote healing, divine spiritual connection and self awareness. Her specialism helps people remove blocks in their life and navigate life’s challenges.

She was trained in London, UK , in Portugal and in South Africa by the direct lineage of Yogi Bhajan - the late Master of Kundalini Yogi - receiving the teachings of this sacred technology which was once exclusive to the rulers and sages of India.

Her Gong Healing training was received from one of the greatest world- renown Gong Masters, Mehtab Benton. 

Charisse Fourie

Charisse is an internationally certified TRE®Provider and Wellbeing Coach who specialises in helping people restore and rebalance their nervous systems for greater health, wellbeing and resilience. Charisse will facilitate group TRE® Sessions as well as host classes on nervous system health, vagus nerve stimulation and somatic mindfulness.

Alet Fick

I am a qualified teacher who specializes in physical training. Working with children and adults wellbeing through music and movement has been always been my passion.

Through sound healing we use different frequencies and musical aspects to improve physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

My session for children provides a beautiful space for them to explore mindfulness and meditation as well as helping with learning  difficulties including ADHA, Autism, Depression and Dyslexia 

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Helen Hansen

Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner
Caring wellness practitioner with a client-centered approach facilitating development and expansion of the mind-body connection in individuals of all ages. Over 20 years’ experience in mind-body programs. 

Modalities include: Kinesiology, Bach Flower Remedies, Holistic Psychology, Frequency Treatment, Slow-Stretch low impact classes

Mind-Body Connection benefits:
1. the physical body’s ability to self-heal
2. emotional and mental faculties to experience a paradigm shift in perspective
3. Self-awareness

Join Helen’s YouTube Channel here with slow stretch routines, self-healing techniques and wellness webinars.


Michell Parker

Michell is an international lecturer with over 30 years experience in the field of Reflexology and has also studied modalities including Homeopathy and Aromatherapy.

"My Joy is to assist people in finding the cause of their weakness and  advising them how to strenghten them

Spa Therapists

Sans Souci SPA works with professional trained therapists Angelia & Elzonia.