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27th October Loving Me workshop

LOVING ME workshop 17:00-20:00 hrs
Are your thoughts and actions aligned?
Do you need resonance between your body and mind?
The 'Loving Me' workshop is a beautiful, gentle experience to harmonize conscious intentions with subconscious actions

Activate your birthright to live a meaningful life, loving all of you

Would you benefit to:

Know with certainty who you are?
Feel your physical body as your home?
Trust your wisdom, your inner voice, your all-knowing higher intuitive self?
Make choices aligned with your life path?
Engage with life in the present time?
Be available for yourself?
Know what is for your highest good and what is not?
Be authentically you?
Love yourself completely?


Your authentic self is naturally filled with love, peace, courage, clarity, certainty and graceful power. Haunting imprints in the nervous system and emotional centre can sway the all knowing-self into dark despair, hopelessness and anxiety. This is what can keep the tape stuck playing the same song, story, situation day after day, year after years.

Through a gentle guided visualisation supported by harmonic sounds, conscious breath work and intentional body work you will masterfully lighten and brighten the real you.

This 3 hour workshop is best experienced at the end of the day so that you can comfortably and slowly integrate the benefits into your life in the hours that follow. Integration is supported by time outdoors, soaking in a bath, being quiet, eating whole foods, journalling, calm walking, minimal interaction with people and devices. The last ingredient of integration is sleep.

Join us for this mystical, inspiring experience of 'Loving Me'.

Thursday 27 October 5pm – 8pm

De Kloof Luxury Estate, Swellendam

R500 pp


Presented by:

Susan Rosetto – internationally certified kundalini yoga teacher and sound practitioner

Helen Hansen – kinesiologist, mind-body practitioner

To book: 081 715 9490 / helen@thelongevityco.co.za or

Tel 028-5141303 or email info@dekloof.co.za