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14 February 2022 - Valentines Sound Gong & Cacao Ceremony

A special Valentine' s workshop from 10:00-12:00 hrs

A cacao ceremony is a beautiful way to connect to your inner self and open your heart, using the gentle plant medicine of ceremonial grade Cacao. This type of pure and raw cacao is very special because it has been spiritually blessed from the moment it is planted , all along the way until it reaches your cup! This retains the plant spirit of Mama Cacao enabling ‘her’ to be evoked to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Throughout time, Cacao has been used by rainforest tribes as heart medicine - both physically and metaphysically. A superfood packed with nutrients , when consumed with healing intention in ceremony , it helps you with any transformations you are working towards
It can help, deepen your understanding of who you are and release unwanted patterns , or move you into a more self-confident space.

Lie down in complete relaxation as you ‘bathe’ in healing vibrations of a planetary tuned sacred gong. These ancient instruments transport you on a sound journey, taking you into the ultimate relaxed state. The vibrations work at a deep level within the body to promote healing and deepen your experience with Mama Cacao.


  • Gong vibrational healing is not suitable for people with the following conditions:- Epilepsy -Autism- Pregnancy
  • Anyone undergoing current cancer radiation treatment or chemotherapy.
  • Ceremonial grade cacao is not suitable for people with clinically high blood pressure, pregnant women or those with medical sensitivity to caffeine.

Meet your teacher: 

Susan Rossetto is an internationally certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapist and Cacao and Crystal Ceremony Practitioner.


Cost R 400

Book this Retreat:

Email us on info@dekloof.co.za to make an enquiry or to make a booking.