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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is for everyone who wants to maximisz their healing, increase their vitality and strengthen their resilience, immunity and nervous and glandular systems. It works to give you calm, balance, grounding and peace- as well as habits that support a healthy lifestyle.

No previous experience in yoga is required and Kundalini Yoga is spiritual not religious - so people of all faiths or no particular faith will benefit from practicing it.

It is practical for modern life yet draws its power from the ancient yogic techniques of conscious breath work (pranayama), sacred sounds (mantra,) hand gestures (mudra), meditation and exact physical movement sets (kriya).

Kundalini Yoga is known as the Yoga of Awareness and the Yoga of Experience- your experience. You are very much in control of how you practice during a class, listening to your own body and being guided by your intuition as you follow instructions from the Teacher. This means that you can take part in Kundalini Yoga whatever your fitness or flexibility level and your Teacher can give you adaptations to support any particular physical limitations you may experience in your body. In Kundalini Yoga the Teacher does not touch you physically to modify your poses. Instructions are verbal and visual

Kundalini Yoga is offered for group or individual sessions

Facilitator Susan Rossetto

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Tremor Therapy (TRE®)

Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®) safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating in the body. This therapeutic tremoring helps the body release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma that are held in the body. This naturally restores and rebalances your nervous system, leaving you feeling at peace.

TRE programs are offered in group and private sessions

Facilitator Charisse Fourie

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Sound Gong Therapy

Sacred Gongs produce a whole spectrum of harmonics that are based on pressure waves of sound which vibrates the energy meridians in the body and bring them into balance.

Sacred Gong vibrations raise the frequency of our electromagnetic fields and recalibrate our emotional and physical bodies. An in person Kundalini Yoga sound healing in close proximity to a sacred gong is excellent for stress related issues, anxiety, loneliness, fatique, anger, fear and many more conditions cause by a lack of balance and harmony in the body and mind. It revitalizes the immune system. 

Benefits of Gong Sound Healing

• Gong vibrations work at cellular level to make the body and mind receptive to healing and transformation;

• Reduces the internal dialogue so reduces feelings of stress;

• Induces a state of meditation by calming the mind

• Helps to recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments

• Creates a state of relaxation and release of tension

• Physically, it releases blocks and tension in the body and stimulates the glandular, nervous and circulation system. It also increases our prana, our life force

• Helps clear emotional and energetic blockages

• Strengthening of the immune system

• Relieves the constant “chatter” of our minds

• Helps to regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system;

• Awakens higher levels of consciousness

• Bathes you in a cascade of healing sounds which shifts the brain from waking (Beta) state to Delta or Theta state (meditation) through the vibrations of the instrument.

Sound Gong Therapy is offered in group and private sessions

Facilitator Susan Rossetto

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Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands). Several studies indicate that reflexology may reduce pain, stress and anxiety while enhancing relaxation and sleep. Book a private reflexology session during your retreat and experience the healing power of reflexology.

Individual 60 min treatments can be booked for inhouse and non inhouse guests

Facilitator Michell Parker

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Spa Wellness Treatments

Sans Souci Spa offers a tranquil healing space. It has professional therapists who work with award winning anti-ageing, collagen enhanced products TheraVine™ and TheraNaka™. The extensive menu offers a range of body, wellness, facial, hand and foot treatments to help you dissolve stress and tension.

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